Things I’ve Learned in 2018

2018 was a weird year. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels as if the year was split into multiple years? 2018 was a year that was filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve learned a lot about myself and relationships that I can definitely say that it was a year of growth. I’m not going to be a negative Nancy and spurt out everything that’s happened to me this year. Instead, here are some things that I have learned throughout the past year.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

With Instagram and Linkedin, it’s very easy to compare yourself to other people– socially and professionally– but you shouldn’t. Everybody has a different timeline, a different pace in life. By comparing yourself to others, it can actually become destructive. It can be discouraging and you won’t know what you’re capable of so stop it! I say this to my friends a lot, but go for it. If you’re psyching yourself out for a position just because Henry seems more qualified, just apply for it! You never know what will happen! You’re a boss ass b and can do anything you set your mind to.

Constructive criticism is crucial for growth.

Whether you like it or not, not everyone will like your work. You can put 110% on a project and people may not like it, but it’s okay. Having various feedback helps you grow and improve your content! Constructive criticism is a good thing; you don’t want people sugarcoating your work.

It’s okay to leave toxic people.

Relationships– whether it be with a significant other, friend, or family member– are great and all, and although it isn’t easy, it shouldn’t be toxic. Toxic relationships are draining and it can take a toll on you! If the other person is not willing to fix the relationship and it starts to affect your mental wellbeing, you should not feel obligated to stay in it.

Cherish the little things.

Materialistic things are overrated. Spending time with loved ones is one of the best things in life– whether it be going home to your mom’s cooking or your roommate making you tea when you’re sick. Appreciate what the people around you and what they do for you. Cherish all the moments that you have with them.

Let go and forgive. 

You don’t need to wait for an apology to forgive. Don’t hold grudges or expect someone to say sorry in a certain way. Instead, offer forgiveness because “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got” – Robert Brault.

Be more observant and present.

With the addition of technology, we have become distant from others. I’ve seen strangers accidentally dropping their belongings and others just sit around and stare. In instances like this when someone is struggling or needs help, offer assistance and be a helping hand. Don’t just stare or look at your phone. An act of kindness goes a long way and who knows, you might end up making their day 🙂

Spread happiness no matter what.

This one is kind of self-explanatory, but you never know what someone else is going through. You might have bad days, but don’t lash your anger out on others.

Now… I hate New Year’s resolutions since I think it’s a big fad, but here are some of my goals in 2019.

Put yourself first.

Just do things. Don’t stress and procrastinate.

Save more, spend less.

Take risks; get out of my comfort zone. 

Blog more~

If you’ve made it to the end, I would like to say, happy new year! Cheers to a year of self love, growth, forgiveness, and patience! Here’s to 2019~

Love, Diana

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